Free font : Official Release Inlanders typeface

Inlanders fonts are created for fulfilling the need of heavy and thick letters. In hardcore scene, this font is very expressive. Its thickness gives a masculine effect. This font was designed by Susilo Hidayat, and distributed through Luxima Creative Font Foundry

This font Represent strength and boldness. It is suitable for use in banners or posters such as political propaganda or agitation, demonstration banner, hardcore scene band album, nor literally anything else. The sans-serif font shape makes it elegant and minimalist. Unlike Frakture or semi black condensed fonts, Inlanders Fonts are very easy to read (high readiability). If you want this font, including its license, you can buy it through the website. I have provided the link at the end of the post. Cheers

Complete preview on BÄ“hance

Font version (Demo)

Full version


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