Inlanders Remake Version

Introducing INLANDERS Sans-Serif Display font. This is the remake version of the INLANDERS due to the high demand for the previous version.

INLANDERS are a font with a strong and powerful look. Provide tough, solid, and prominent impressions. INLANDERS have two styles, Regular and Italic.

INLANDERS consist of 741 characters for each regular and italic style. Using Small caps to replace the lowercase character. 295 Uppercase, 305 small caps, 44 Punctuation, 64 Marks and Symbols, and the rest are digits/numerals and other characters.

Inlanders is a very versatille font, covering wide range project. Marvelous for representing extreme sports, outdoor activity, and all forms of design. Especially project that needs "toughness" and "powerful look".

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